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Some Informationabout the Adult-Entertainment Group

The Adult Entertainment Group is a consortium of

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Webmasters
  • Content Producers
  • Business Consults

from all over the world.

In business since 1999 we are specialised on the adult market.

Started up in Germany with the Name “Erotic Webdesign” we went 2003 to USA. In 2008 we changed our name to Adult Entertainment Group.

Our headquarter is since 2008 in Bogotá, the very nice capitol of colombia in the heart of the andes.

From here we do our business, manage the education of our staff and realize the planning of marketing campaigns of our customers. In technical things we trust in our well educated professionals from Germany. With these splitting we are able to offer nice prices, with the high quality of german products.


Our office in Mosquera, a city close to Bogotá. With hole year spring tempratures.

Die Lage von Mosquera

Directly in front of the 9 million people metropolole Bogotá, is Mosquera located. Here live around 50.000 people.

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